Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I guess you could say this serendipity has also contributed to my felicity...har har har

K.'s recent obsession with the former television show Felicity has become quite a daunting pill to swallow lately. We subscribed to Netflix but so far we have only received episode after episode and season after season of Felicity, with no end in sight. Granted she has enjoyed the show immensely and we have definitely already gotten our moneys worth out of it (each season is $29.95 on Amazon), but I found it strange and fortuitous that a show I had never heard of, starring an actress whose name I barely recognized (Keri Russel), could be so popular with my wife-to-be; while she refers to the shows I loved like Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Cheers, Frasier, etc. as 'shows my parents liked!'--they were the ones I rushed home to watch.

Am I an old man trapped in a 20-somethings body, or do I just enjoy a quality and comical sitcom from non-cable stations? (Just a note so you don't think I really am old: I also loved Boy Meets World, Step by Step and Family Matters, but she also enjoyed them.)

But to bring this story full circle, it's important to mention that I have been excited for quite some time about a movie called "Leaves of Grass," which I have known was in the making for quite some time, but has never had a release date or any set actors. Originally it was supposed to be kind of poetic, with hints of Walt Whitman, but it was more or less supposed to be about a strange murder and the circumstances surrounding it, and was supposed to delve into the strange underbelly of academia while identifying with the 'you can't go home and have it be the same' theme of movies like Garden State. Sounds great, right?

Well I finally found out some specifics about the film finally and guess what? It stars Ed Norton as the protagonist, a college professor at Brown who is summoned home when his twin is found dead. (He also plays the twin in flashbacks.) Sounds pretty neat.

But then I discover that the romantic interest in the movie is played by Keri Russel (AKA Felicity!) It's a bit serendipitous that a movie I was so interested in seeing and reading about, when I knew nothing about it and it was only a sudden thought in the puffs of movie lore, now stars the same actress who is the protagonist in the show Kim is currently obsessed with.

A bit strange, but at least I'm a Keri Russel expert now. Felicity, from what I've watched, isn't a really horrible show either. some parts of it are pretty entertaining, and a few of the characters are pretty dynamic.

Sadly, the film doesn't contain many references to Walt Whitman, besides Keri Russel's character reciting Whitman's lines to Ed Norton in an effort to cheer him up; but nonetheless I am excited and encouraged in knowing that some kid, somewhere, upon hearing the title of the film will say, "wait, why did they title it that?" and will at least type it into Google and stumble upon the wonder that is Walt Whitman.

A link to a review of the film and a description of it is here:


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