Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Real-Life Sardine.

I'm pretty sure that if I lived in a space this cramped I would go absolutely insane. Kudos to this guy, though, he actually came up with some very clever and economical ways to use the extremely limited space that he had. If he was paying like $200/month for this place, I'd be much more impressed. However, I cannot justify spending $800/month for 78sf and considering that to be a deal because you're only "minutes" from the activities you like most. Nor could I justify being a grown adult and sharing a bathroom down the hallway with four other people...roommates are one thing, but that bathroom was outside in the hall and down the hall for the other people living there.

I especially enjoyed the comments, one of which stated that they pay half of what this guy pays for a 2 bedroom which happens to be an extra 10 minute walk or 3 minute train ride away. I'd definitely opt for space and comfort. Maybe it's that this guy felt he had something to prove being an architect? Y'know, ironically an architect lives in the smallest square footage possible yet designs expansive and sprawling structures and homes? I bet that's the ticket.

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