Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Reason To Stay In School

Employment figures out today show that 1.8 million college graduates have found employment within the past 26 months (net), while 128,000 jobs for those who have dropped out of high school have been lost (net) in the past 26 months. Bottom line: Graduate high school and attend college if you want to remain employed in the "new" economy.

Employers will be looking for skilled graduates who have shown an aptitude to succeed in different environments, including graduating from high school, which many have said are "prerequisites" for any potential job prospect. While these sentiments certainly don't reflect the rhetoric and marketability of 40 years ago, it does echo the writing on the wall. Furthermore, the article warns, those already stuck in this position (between 25 and 55) without a high school diploma, GED, or, in many cases, a college degree, will continue to face bleak prospects for years to come. The market for a particular skill without a broad educational foundation, career training, etc. will make many candidates discouraged and force many into unnecessary worry or hardships.

The article does, however, say those who have pursued a GED and have either gone back to school years later for a degree, or have gone to a specialized school (truck driving, mechanic, trade school, etc.) will fare nearly as well as those with a diploma and degree. In some cases, employers are looking for those who later on in life went back to school because it shows they have managed to juggle career, personal life, personal goals and school.

Huffington Post version of the article below:


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