Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Long...February

With the promise of spring only a few weeks away, and with February being the shortest month of the year (despite this year being the dreaded leap year), one would theoretically assume that February would fly by or would offer the kind of respite needed from the arduous months of December and January. But, here I sit in February, shivering, as the cold month ticks slowly by.

In years past hasn't January's ugly step-brother gone by much quicker? I seem to remember it doing so; barely remembering the month had begun by the time my father's birthday rolled around at the end of the month. Maybe it's because I have so many plans for this spring, or because I refuse to spend a fortune on heating oil this year, or more likely, it's because we've had fewer than 9" of snow here since the pre-Halloween storm. For whatever reason, it's becoming quite annoying. I'd even trade this February break from school if we could have returned to school for the beginning of March today instead of the 21st of February.

Anyone else agree?

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