Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Beginning

As I recreate online what has already been written in Microsoft Word and in my countless legal pads, I come to the realization that this is the beginning of something great. No, not something totally cool, but yes, something awesome, in the 'awe' sense of the word. I am not creating something I think will be really fun to show my friends or to find in a search engine months from now; I am creating something to map out where I have been, what I have questioned, and where my life has gone. In a sense, I am my own great American novel...I have been born into an ever-changing world, experienced the once-in-a-lifetime events that shape each person, and can reflect on a history and see the progression and evolution of myself. Holden Caulfield I am not. Scout and Jem I am not.

One may argue that a journal or diary achieves the same thing as a blog, and true, they both do, but neither option allows readers, followers, friends, or complete strangers to read and reread (hint hint) the blog entries (read: journal/diary entries if you wish) and witness the progression. I believe many people in the near(er) future, will find themselves will the necessary tools to create great fiction (and perhaps some nonfiction) based directly on their experiences in the world and the experiences of others that they have been able to find, read and contemplate because of the internet and blogging. It is the beginning of something awesome.

So this entry serves as the beginning, though it is not the first (puns not intended), and though it comes while I am currently unemployed (called and interpreted as many these days as 'the end') it is the beginning and therefore honors the irony in the situation and aims to promote a healthy, intelligent and successful future for myself, this blog and the world in general.

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