Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When I Was M.I.A.(B). to the MAX

Have not posted, nor written in a very long time. I also see that mysteriously my former blog has been deleted and I doubt half the people who once read my up until the move are still here...I think I'll begin an experiment to see who's able to find me under the new name...Disney World in 4 days...Psyched can't begin to describe it.No recent poetry or fiction acceptances, though I'm sure that's to be expected since I haven't sent out since late May/early June. Still waiting on some big ones though: Ploughshares (206 days), Newport Review, Saint Ann's Review, etc...I'll assume no news is good news for now though.

Big news on the same front that I've not yet been able to blog about: accepted into Lesley University's MFA program! Really exciting time for me. I may now finally have a readership to speak of for the first time; I'm hoping this will continue the creative juices flowing as after 4 years I'm beginning to feel too Dickinson-esque as my four longtime readers have dwindled or disappeared (where are you, C?) to one who is overwhelmed with teaching, a new baby on the way (congratulations!), applying for tenure, etc...needless to say, I've not sent anything out to anyone--contest, magazine, or readership in almost 4 months. That sounds pretty hermitlike to me, in reading it over.

Note to self: reverse this immediately.I promise I'll make up for all the missed blog time with an overload over the next few days until the trip commences, and then plenty afterwards...There's a ton going on..including the presidential race which is heating heating heating heating.

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