Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lesley MFA program

Extremely pumped for it. Have been chatting with the director, Steven Cramer, for quite some time about it and I've looked through all the odds and ends of it and it's going to be an exciting, extremely trying time for me both creatively and mentally. (Cramer is a graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop and believes in the work ethic, creative output and environment of the workshop without the cut-throat aggressive critiques which, he said, are still very prevalent there. He's going to work with me to ensure I will be writing a very healthy amount, moreso than almost all the other students.) I'll also get the opportunity to go through Harvard (yes, Hahvahd) for some of my instruction as some of the Lesley faculty are faculty there. I wonder if I could meet Jorie Graham or Seamus Heaney at some point? I hear they both still haunt Harvard Yard. (And Pinsky is nearby too, I'm sure...)

The adjusted page count per semester should look like this: 45 pages per instructor of new material, constant revised material, several book reviews/magazine articles, etc. (depending on the interdisciplary study I choose), at least two annotations per submission (4 or 5 per semester), basically critical or analytical papers that could very easily be turned into book reviews, and a 2-3 page self-analysis for each of the submissions per semester. Whew!

This is per semester. (5 semesters total, including the final one where I give a presentation on a chosen topic applied throughout poetry. My god, am I going to be writing a lot. Hopefully all the new writers there will be able to pump me up though. I cannot imagine how great it will be to have a readership and vice versa. I miss the days when I could see a poem before it's printed somewhere.

**Ever get the urge to edit someone's poem after you see it as part of an electronic magazine, on verse daily, a link, etc.? I do all the time...It's not healthy**

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