Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Say it ain't so, Houghton!

Disheartening news coming out of Houghton Mifflin today as the press officially announced they were suspending "acquisitions of new books until further notice."

So what?

Well, this means presses big and small are feeling the economic pinch and it could only be getting worse. How many small presses will be lost to this recession? Too many is the answer.

This move also demonstrates that one of the largest and oldest publishers isn't immune and must take drastic steps to stay afloat in an economy that is sinking, and among readers who are dwindling more every year. The fate of book sales is bleak, and authors and readers is sorely lacking in America today and we must do something immediately to reverse this.

Step 1: Educate.
Step 2: Make reading entertaining again and not a chore and many students feel it is.
Step 3: READ, WRITE, and demonstrate by example.
Step 4: Turn around and assist someone else (preferably a student or child) to do the same in hopes they will turn around and follow suit.)

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