Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New anti-aging pill discovered! No, this is not a pop-up ad...

A new anti-aging pill has been developed in mice that essentially makes them burn twice as many calories, display more positive attitudes and characteristics, and allows them to exercise for twice as long.

The drug has been approved for human testing almost immediately. With no known side effects, this drug may assist those who feel haggard and fatigued feel rejuvenated and could lead to breakthroughs in healths and exercise goals for the elderly and those in physical therapy resulting from accidents or cancer and other diseases.

While it's not the fountain of youth (of the pill of youth...), it does offer some hope that by finding drugs that can stimulate certain areas and receptors of the brain that we are quickly finding we can live healthier, happier lives. Surely we'll find some kind of negative side effects soon with it, or maybe we'll find it doesn't work as well in humans...

BUT this is very cool news.


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