Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marilyn Nelson Reading

Marilyn Nelson, a terrific poet and Pushcart-winner, will be giving a reading tonight at ECSU, which I will be heading off to. I'm excited to speak to her and see if she can offer any tips on my writing seeing as how she taught at UConn for 25 years, was poet laureate of CT, and her writing displays the kind of introspection and intelligence that is conveyed only by someone with a firm grasp on their art. I'd like to strengthen mine tonight after I hear her speak. I'll be bringing a notebook, of course, to jot down the myriad ideas I'll get during her speech.

I also hear that I might be doing a little bit of judging in the poetry contest later that night, along with DDD and Ms. Nelson. Now that's intimidating. Do I deserve to be in such company and have I proven that I can really 'judge' something like this...with a limited number of trivial publications, I doubt I actually qualify, but it's experience and should inspire me, I hope.

Maybe it means that other people have faith in my abilities even when I am in doubt? Regardless I plan to use it to the best I can.

I've got to start writing and publishing more. I hope the Lesley program really inspires that in me and gets me creating some really good stuff.

More to come later.

PS...I read another few articles online today: One on Espn.com in particular, where "myriad" was used incorrectly again. Geez...when will the media (and the majority of the population) learn the correct usage of the word?

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