Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I sure did, lots of turkey and the like. I'm still ransacking through some leftovers today, though I suspect they'll be gone before long. T-minus 38 days until the residency begins and I still have classes to sign up for and plenty of poems to write (15 to be exact). Oh boy, I need to get to work...but then I see Man Vs. Wild is on, and though I've seen Bear cross the frozen Siberian stream more than five times previously, I find myself too compelled to turn away.

Do other poets and writers go through the same distractions and problems as me or does everyone have a firm grip on their reality as writers and forgo the television (especially repeated shows) in favor of discovering more about the world through writing?

I'm scared I lack the motivation to do this for a pseudo-career. Though I enjoy it, I wonder if I can seriously focus and be motivated forever or if I'm too immature (and forever?) for this sort of lifestyle...and responsibility. Because, as any 'good' poet will tell you, there's this nagging refusing in their minds to allow themselves to become "bad" poets.

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