Monday, June 15, 2009

City and Town Stimulus Instead

Have I not been saying this for the past three months? Directly to towns and cities, not the country as a whole with spending spent arbitrarily. Begin at the trickle-down point. The government cut funding to cities and towns, which in turn had their internal funding cut because of decreased tax revenues, etc. Then a stimulus is passed, but little money is given back to the cities and towns that it was stripped from. An economic 'stimulus' should have been to bridge the incurred budget gaps of the cities and towns of America--that way towns that wanted it could accept it, those who didn't, would not be required to. It would have alleviated a lot and would have offered up some resolution to cities and towns still battling with budgets currently, and that will continue to struggle for a few years to come until things 'level out'--notice: not 'return to normal.'

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