Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Disney 1

The first of what promises to be many many many Disney World posts follows. I still have to input the data of wait times, ride times, ride descriptions and various opinions of the park, as promised. For starters, here's a sampling of some of what K. and I did during our October trip to Disney World. (October 25-November 1, 2008)

The Magic Kingdom entrance decked out for Halloween.

The reverse of the MK entrance...

Chip and Dale

Some of the Magic Kingdom entrance decked out for Halloween, and many many many pumpkins to really put you in the spirit--though I'm not sure Florida is a major producer of pumpkins...Yes, some were taken at night, when we came back the 2nd or 3rd time.

Some pumpkin people...

Cinderella's castle--one of the most iconic symbols for happiness, childhood and fun in the world. Universally recognizable and at once thrilling and awe-inspiring, it's a feat of achievement, greatness and entertainment. Though K. and I were hoping to be awarded a stay in the Cinderella Castle suite (as they were giving it away daily while we were down there to young couples), we did not receive the invite.

On our way to Frontierland--the best place in the world. Home of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Tom Sawyer Island, The Haunted Mansion (sort of...I could it as part of it...)and an ambiance that can only be described as 'freedom.'

Note the crowds--at the beginning it is pretty dense and claustrophobic, but as the park opened and more people spread out, the crowds dissipated though the population inside definitely increased. It's a wonder of achievement that each 'land' in the MK is designed in such a way that someone in one of the lands cannot see any other land from wherever they are, making it seem like each land is its own theme park in and of itself. How awesome is that?

As a result, the crowds seem to thin and an illusion is presented that the park is actually less packed than it really is...of course when waiting in line for a ride, the reality is unmistakable. More on the ride times to follow.

K. and I arrived at the MK on two separate mornings in time for the park opening...we were waiting near the rope, anticipating its drop, but I, of course, was the runner and more enthusiastic. K. said I was way too OCD about the trip, and I do have to agree.

Any ride at the MK during the first two hours of the park's opening did not have a waiting time of longer than 1/2 hour, which is incredible considering the lengths of lines during the holiday season as well as school vacations. We rode Splash and Thunder at least four times each during our first morning excursion there.

Note: Cloudless sky.

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