Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WWII Pilot Reincarnated?

I also felt the urge to post this video, though the embed feed doesn't work from ABCNews.

So here's the link, to a news story about a toddler (now a 7-year-old), who has had vivid memories and recollections (including initial nightmares) about flying an airplane, more specifically, a WWII aircraft in the war. The boy can recall the names of airplanes, the names of the aircraft carriers, the names of submarines, facts about the war, locations of battles, installments and bases. He has been able to do this since his toddler years. So the question is begged: is he a reincarnated WWII pilot?

Note the ominous and theatrical music in the background... (they also have a new book out--so it could be all a giant ploy.)


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