Friday, June 19, 2009

More Disney photos

Here are some addition Disney photos to really make me overly-nostalgic for the "Happiest Place on Earth."

The dedication at the entrance of Walt Disney World.

The entrance to Fronteirland station!

The entrance to the best and most soothing ride in the world, Splash Mountain. :) (obligatory emoticon.)

Pirates of the Caribbean entrance!

The entrance to Liberty Square, with tea and other accoutrement to really transport you to 1776 and beyond--a time when America was arguably more forward-thinking.

The entrance to Adventureland.

The sign pointing the way down to Jungle Cruise.

The amazing and (still) futuristic and enduring entrance to Tomorrowland. Though it might not be as futuristic and up-to-date as it was when the park first opened, it surely does still retain that 'what will come about tomorrow' feeling; and, of course, it still promotes space travel as the pinnacle of futuristic and desirable achievement, though the world seems disinterested in it as a whole. (Until an asteroid is mentioned, or a black hole or the like...then EVERYONE jumps on the bandwagon.)

The entrance to Peter Pan in October (note the 30 minute wait time during peak hours...and how no people managed to interrupt the shot...hmmm...).

Some images from elsewhere in Disney...

The sign for the Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios! (No longer MGM.)

Anandapur in the Animal Kingdom--setting you off to know you are entering a totally different land. This park is very up-and-coming and the latest village presenting Expedition Everest is truly an accomplishment for any theme park and it will quickly become a fan favorite. It really is like an entirely different world that can transport and captivate.

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