Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday 6/13

Went for a tremendous run this morning/afternoon. I ran from our apartment to the city park (a little more than 3 miles one way), then did two laps there around the park (about 1/2 mile) and then ran back--only stopping twice to stretch, once on the way there and again at the park. I also must admit I walked for a tiny bit when I began to cramp up on the way home. So all together, I'll give myself a solid 6.5-7 mile run today in 55 minutes--which brings me to running about 9 minute miles (with all stretching time included.)

My goal is to be doing 7 minute miles to do this circuit in under 40 minutes total, which will be incredibly difficult to do. It also means probably only stopping once to catch my breath and stretch while at the park and turning right around to run all the way back.

K. and I are headed over to her cousin's house this afternoon for a cookout and party leading into the evening. I'm bringing a book and a notebook with me and will probably work a bit in the car seeing as how I have become greatly inspired as of late--strange, I know. I plan to gain back in hamburger and hot dog weight everything that I lost today from my run.

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