Monday, June 1, 2009

La Mama De Ocho

Why are we catering to and encouraging this woman? She obviously has some deep-seeded issues with 1) her appearance (plastic surgery and other enhancements to look identical to Angelina Jolie), 2) her perception of the US government (they will pay for her to stay at home and be with her 14 children; she will never have to work again; her children will have their college paid for), 3) the American public (they will want to watch my children grow up and a lucrative TV deal should net me a ton of spending money to supplement my welfare checks--this one sadly is coming true...), 4) her children (they will love to have a mother with plenty of mental health and image issues and will love to have 13 brothers and sisters, all equally exploited, overexposed, and underprivileged).

She is an abomination and should be admitted to the nearest mental health facility--stat. She should be stripped of her 'motherly' privileges since she is, obviously, unfit to be a mother, doesn't believe in the essentials of motherhood, refused to pursue a natural pregnancy and birth, and has neglected her children since birth. Her 'week- and month-long' discussions with various television networks, tabloids, book publishers, and reporters are ample evidences that she should be committed to whatever facility is deemed proper for someone of her delusional lack-of-aptitude. She should, if she were a proper parent, have some semblance of right vs. wrong, and would care for her children instead of 'promoting' herself and her 'situation' and urging networks to consider airing her children's lives, i.e. paying her for doing nothing and smiling with her repulsive, plastic smile.

Here's the posting that fired me up:

WE, yes, the American people who tune in and support such indulgence as Jon & Kate Plus Eight (cleverly J&K plus "Hate" on Leno last week), WE are enabling her and feeding this absurdity that is shaping into a circus more and more each day. She came up with the idea for the malevolent Frankenstein monster and supplied the parts, we built it for her, put a village of unsuspecting and defenseless people in front of the monster and fed it adrenaline. Now we have to deal with the repercussions.

I hope her 'kids' come out years from now healthy and sane and have not inherited her maniacal personality(ies) and tendencies. In the words of poet Franz Wright, "may God have mercy on [our] monster."

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