Saturday, June 13, 2009

Current Reading

Currently, I'm reading "A Farewell to Arms," for whatever reason (I saw it on my shelf and suddenly decided to pick it up and begin rereading it [first time since high school], perhaps because another book I'm reading is befuddling me), and "The Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg," which is very trying and very different from a lot of what I have read in the past.

I am also rushing through Cate Marvin's "Fragment of the Head of a Queen," mainly because she will be at the upcoming residency and, having never met her before, I'd like to have some idea of how she writes. So far, I'm coming up with a lot of Plath-esque feelings toward her poems. They seem disjointed in parts, and more about description and frequent divergences than they do about a total, singular revelation--which tend to be more of the type of poems I write.

Maybe it would be good to get some advice from her or to work with her during one semester to get an alternative approach to writing poetry. I can tell that she has done her homework on some of these poems where certain ideas and images are amazing, but, as I said before, her type of poetry doesn't necessarily appeal to my poetry likings. I'm inclined to learn from her, and to read her, but I'm not necessarily inclined to write like her or to spend hours scrutinizing her work (as I do to other poets) to attempt to discover their inspirations and processes of writing.

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