Friday, May 15, 2009

CNN Polls

The first of the two CNN polls I'd like to weigh in on are: how are you going to be affected by the closing of the Crysler/GM dealerships? The second: how do you feel about Nancy Pelosi's newest 'waterboarding' and interrogation/secrecy scandal?

While the poll on CNN came out at 90%/10% in heavy favor of 'not affected' by the dealership closings, I chose 'directly affected' for the reaons mentioned in the previous blog post; the most obvious being the community impacts and higher local unemployment rates and struggling businesses as a direct result. I'm surprised that 90% of Americans polled said they would not be affected, in fact, I would have expected it to be 75/25 in the opposite favor...but I suppose one can never gauge everything properly and completely.

The second poll asks you how you currently feel about Nancy Pelosi, given her recent battles over her knowledge of waterboarding and other interrogation techniques, her strong stance to the far-left of American politics, and her seemingly insouciant attitude to critics and calls to be replaced. 65% of Americans polled said their views of her were either the same or slightly more 'concerned' with her stances and private dealings as of late. While only 5% said they were 'dangerously' concerned about her current stances and opinions, a hefty 10% considered replacing or 'impeaching' her current House Speaker position.

While I am a liberal-leaning moderate most of the time, I do have a strong democratic stance on a lot of the issues facing us today, and though the majority of my family is conservative, I find the Republican party to be alienating and disgruntled, at best. It seems they want nothing more than to undermine some of the very best work that has occurred in our country's history by labeling it as 'taxing,' 'counterproductive' or by noting that it 'increased' the size of government, taxes, and may have caused other problems in the process. While I can agree with some of their opinions (from their perspectives, of course), I can't agree with them 100% on nearly any issue anymore, which is sad as I believe I now identify with a large portion of America who feels the conservative stances and Republican parties are just 'wrong for America' right now. They need to reboot.

Nevertheless, the far-left leaning Pelosi is not immune from my criticisms and is not in a safe ballpark because she isn't conservative. She is actually pretty radical in some of her idea(l)s and is pretty unafraid to confront any issue with a fake smile and insistence on progress akin to Doloris Umbridge from Harry Potter. And if a fictional character, which was despised and characterized in the book as the epitome of mean and vengeful, then I expect if Pelosi can be identified concurrently with this character, she has some major character flaws as well--if she hopes to properly identify with the majority of Americans.

Maybe she has prior knowledge of waterboarding, maybe she is leaning too far to the left to even be embraced by Obama, and perhaps it is time for her to step down and allow someone else to take over the position. We'll see in short and due time, I suspect. I am frightened somewhat of her and her goals without being cognizant of their consequences or repercussions, but I support the fact that she has these far-reaching and comprehensive goals she wishes to enact, which is much more than the GOP can say at this moment.

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