Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where in the World...

Have I been?

Well, since beginning the after-school program, the majority of my time each day is now taken up with writing/reading and heading to/traveling back from/and being within the confines of the B&G Club and entertaining 50+ 6-13 year-olds for four and a half hours each day. It's an exciting experience though and definitely preparative for future teaching, even if the students I'll have in t-minus 3.5 months(!!) will be 14+.

Nevertheless, I have been able to crank through a serious number of poetry books taken out from the library, have finished re-reading Angels and Demons and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for their upcoming film releases, have skimmed Addonizio's new Ordinary Genius, which I am nearly finished with, but will ultimately end up purchasing and using as a resource I'm sure, and have been writing as much as possible to send out a huge packet of work to my new mentor soon. Urgh...how convoluted some of this work can be, and what a tax these hoops to jump through for the program are. Some of the program is very tedious in comparison to the unleashed creativity allowed during other parts.

This weekend we went out to a club lounge where a live band was playing, and although the band was good, the club, which was referred to as more upscale and had a distinctly more mature crowd at it, still left a lot to be desired and wasn't my cup of tea. Then there was a massive cookout with lots of delicious food and microbrews, as well as some very funny stories. Then last night K and I went to pick up a friend of ours at the airport after midnight(!), which needless to say is causing me to be a bit sleepy and scatterbrained today. It took me 15 minutes (on and off) to remember the word tedious...

In other news, Dan Brown has finally announced his new book and its release date (of course to coincide with the release of Angels & Demons to theatres, so I suppose I should have anticipated this strategic move...): The Lost Symbol will come out on September 15 of this year and will be the third book in Robert Langdon saga, no doubt giving Tom Hanks another opportunity to question his stance on religion and his unfair designation as a symbol of atheism to many in the Catholic world.

Must get back to writing and to some follow-up phone calls to ensure that I squeeze every moment from this day that I possibly can become I have to be off in kid-land.

Tomorrow I will be visiting Bacon Academy (my Alma Mater) to teach some lessons on poetry to some of the cherubs (kids), and then I will swing over to Bolton High School to see the teachers and to wish my former mentor a farewell as she heads into retirement, and then finally home for a quick dinner before driving another 85 miles back to Attleboro. Whew!

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