Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama's Poetry Night!

Why wasn't I informed about this?! The White House desperately needs some new media PR people apparently. After scouring the internet in reverse after the event happened, I finally found some cheap blurbs about the upcoming event and then a ton about GM following it.

This is something you want to publicize to bring hope to a nation both economically and literally (as in literate) challenged.

The Obama's hosted a Poetry Night last night and Michelle Obama claimed it has been her dream since she entered the White House to have some poetry and spoken word read within the walls. And while I'm still trying to find a list of performers or professional poets who were invited, I'm shocked to know that the majority of the poetry community doesn't know about this. We desperately need a poetry day at the white house, or a national creative writing day, where we can finally get the creative juices flowing back into our nation.

Am I the only one that recognizes this standardized testing is killing the creativity of a lot of our young students? They need a reprieve during the school day and during each school year and I think a perfect way to implement this is to have a national poetry/creative writing day observed by all schools, in which students will be given the opportunity to creative write, to read, and to explore the world beyond the confines of bubbles and scantron sheets.

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