Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Happy Cinco Seis de Mayo,

Well, close enough anyway. Yes, that is entirely my fault for forgetting that it was cinco de mayo yesterday and posting several times without even a mention of it. And while I have never really celebrated cinco de mayo, per say, I have some Mexican friends and some very enthusiastic fiesta seekers (not to be confused with siesta seekers, namely the cat). So here's to anyone excited for it. Personally, I'm much more enthralled by the idea of el dia de los muertos--the day of the dead, as it's a very fascinating subject, idea and cultural belief. I'd like to do a series of poems one day about it, or even perhaps write some stories or a novel set during that time.

Lofty dreams can only have fulfillments lesser than them, I understand, but if I were to set any of them too low, all would fall apart, I expect.

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