Monday, May 11, 2009

A Strange Dichotomy...

So while I like to think I'm intelligent/cognizant enough to be above such things, I found myself watching WWE again...yes, I know it's an ugly addiction, but it has been since childhood.

I remember watching it religiously every Saturday morning, though ironically I didn't visit church religiously every Sunday..egad! And I can recite to you countless facts and figures from the past two decades of wrestling. And while I can easily file this under my "to be used only when playing Trivial Pursuit or talking with someone even more obsessed with early 1990s wrestling than you"...I feel a certain guilt in continuing to watch it.

Is it that I have an addiction to wrestling, stemming from childhood, and even perhaps an addiction to simple debasement? Or is it that wrestling, as it did when I was a bored and lonely young kid, an outlet and an escape from the troubles of the world. I'm sure it's not hard to argue in my own mind that Anderson Cooper 360 is a bit more upbeat these days, and that our economy itself may be beginning to turn the corner, but everywhere I look there is one word painted across the sky: recession. And with it comes panic, hoarding, questions, and fear. And while it would be nice for all of it to go away immediately, it's going to be quite difficult. But soap operas, especially a two-hour one that rolls on from week to week, can be beneficial in trying to escape the depressing monotony of our world.

So should I feel guilty for watching WWE when I could listen to NPR or check on the current state of our economy? Or even turn on CNBC for a capitalist/conservative opinion on our economy? I could, but it's nice to escape for a while. Especially since a lot of my writing now reflects the economy and the depression. And when reading, I'm often thinking about it.

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