Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oprah apologizes to James Frey

In a stunning reversal, Oprah has apologized to James Frey!


I feel more and more lil' John every time I use that, but honestly and in all seriousness, why would she rescind her evil wishes on him?

His book, A Million Little Pieces, is more than 50% fiction, but was marketed as a non-fiction book, and was one of the first non-fiction books to really gain huge exposure and traction in the literary world not as just a book that is a great read, but has a lot of classical and desirable elements in it. It would have been a huge success had it all been true, or if he had told the truth before the lie escalated so much that his world collapsed and blew apart into about a 100,000 jagged and untruthful pieces.

What's even worse is his next 'memoir,' titled My Friend Leonard, is about a man he met while in jail. The problem? He was never in jail, there is not a man named Leonard and the entirety of the book is fabrication. He has lied to the furthest extent possible and should not be given the decency of a public apology for anyone becoming angry at him for lying. He should know that by duping us, when he could have easily stopped it all from occurring, he should face literary ridicule, at least for more than 5-10 years.

If not, let's all give Pete Rose some commendations again and let him into the Hall of Fame.

A Million Little Pieces was first marketed as a fiction book, but when no one wanted it, Frey changed a handful of ideas and passages and marketed it as a non-fiction. His stories were incredible, moving, heart-wrenching and powerful. They were an instant hit and an enduring classic simultaneously--something achieved by few books (non-fiction or otherwise) today.

Oprah bashed him on the show, in the news and media, and for months afterward refused to speak his name. And now she apologizes. At least let him endure a bit more before the apology!

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