Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are Humans Meant to Run LONG distances?

Check out this article supposedly confirming that human bodies ARE meant (or at least originally designed) to run abnormally long distances (and at times, ridiculously long distances of 100 or more miles at once). The gist of the article contends that humans' toes, large glutes, Achilles tendons, and adaptability (especially endurance-wise) prove, through thorough research and calculations, that our bodies are made for long-distance runs, jogs, and endurance climbs and walk of hundreds of miles or more. We are essentially endurance athletes, not sprinters, like the majority of animals are. Except for migratory birds of course, which does beg the question: Are our legs equivalent to birds' wings? Are we the 'half-winged beasts swelling the land small' as referred to by Nostradamus?

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