Monday, April 20, 2009

First Sox Game of the Year

Went to my first Red Sox game of the year yesterday afternoon with K.'s dad and had a great time. Lester threw for more than 9 strikeouts (I don't remember the exact number, unfortunately), and improved his ERA nearly 3 points yesterday. It was great to see it drop incrementally with each out!

Papi is still 0 for nearly everything this season and there were again some boos at the end of his final at-bat when he again struck out swinging.

It was basically a pitcher's duel game with fewer than 12 hits and 3 runs. There were two doubles and the rest were singles.

By the way, the price for Fenway Franks is starting to become a little ridiculous now as they're approaching $5. Is this a recession or a period of uninhibited economic growth?

K.'s mom and dad are back in Boston today, visiting the sites where they once lived and taking in some of the Boston Marathon as it comes screaming into the center of the city later today.

Quick update on the race's progress: the women are running a little more than seven minutes slower than the record time (for the 11-mile marker), while the men are approaching the same mileage marker at a little more than 35 seconds ahead of the record.

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