Monday, April 27, 2009

Bin Laden Dead?

It seems pretty anticlimactic, but it looks like Bin Laden could be dead, and could have been dead for more than a year. There is a lot of chatter that he could have died of natural causes, seeing as how he is on dialysis, is diabetic, and possibly has scoliosis. He would(could?) be 52 right now (his birthday was last month). But I think this begs a huge question: In 1945, allied forces penetrated Germany, and then Berlin in pursuit of Hitler. And we got him, though he committed suicide first. World leaders, both good and bad (relative, of course :) ), have been hunted and tracked and eventually found, many have been assassinated, and many others have been taken captive. We cornered Bin Laden in late 2001 between Afghanistan and Pakistan, then came down from Tajikistan and up from southern Pakistan. Then we stopped and haven't hunted him in these regions in the same, sweeping and stalking motion way in which we hunted Saddam Hussein. Why? I'm sure it's politics. But if we can find Saddam in a secured hand-dug hole in the ground outside of a farm miles from come we cannot find Bin Laden with his 'posse,' his dialysis machine, and his massive stash of weapons?

The only reasons I can hypothesize are that he must be dead, or is not being sought.

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