Monday, April 13, 2009


Hope everyone had a great Easter. Went down to the house in Colchester, which was fun. Saw the grandparents, the parents and the dog. Took him for a walk across the street into one half of the state forest and went about a mile in. I visited the old camp sites (which did appear to have been used recently...hmm...perhaps in preparation for opening day next weekend?) down the hill by the river and saw that the fire pits now look pretty extravagant: perfectly shaped rocks adorn its perimeter, large areas have been cleaned for tents and sleeping bags, chopped firewood is stacked neatly between trees for whomever needs it (a nice gesture), and large chopped pieces of wood encircle the pit as backwoods chairs. I do need to write a poem about it one day. Maybe about my own experiences camping out there, or at camp (which was located nearby in essentially the same woods), and especially about all the stories I've been told over the years, or have experienced first-hand and will remember forever, about the events that have transpired out in those woods. Specially about when someone, who shall remain nameless, decided it would be a good idea to drive his truck down an embankment and down the old logging road to the campsites. Of course, he couldn't get it out and it's still out there, somewhere, buried until brush and trees, covered in mud, moss or pine needles and leaves now, just waiting to be extracted.

...and the bridge is still not open. Grrr....

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