Sunday, April 26, 2009

Missing From The Blog

Have been missing recently because of a very tight schedule, some work, a good amount of writing, and a lot of squandered opportunities (mainly because of the Sox/Yankees rivalry all weekend).

As mentioned previously, I went to the Sox game this past week and it was awesome, though it was much more of a pitchers' duel, but this current series with the Yankees has been anything but. Any time there is an inkling of a run-away for the Yankees (such as the 6-0 yesterday [Saturday]) the Sox suddenly come storming back through some amazing hitting and some unbelievable luck. Varitek hits a grand slam?! Ellsbury steals home?! I place double end punctuation on my sentences?!

Yes, I do.(.)

Nevertheless, it's a great waste of my time, but a great privilege and love of mine to watch the rivalry and so a lot of things have suffered: blogging, writing, reading, concentrating on my career, etc.

I have an interview late tomorrow and have to catch up on a lot of reading and writing that I have neglected until now. I have been sorely missing out on completing The Inferno and feel sort of guilty for leaving Dante near the final ring of hell not knowing when he'll emerge or continue.

Which reminds me of an interesting movie I saw the other night: Constantine. I'm guessing the idea for it arose from The Inferno as the main character, Constantine, played by the enigmatic and effervescent Keanu Reeves (sense the sarcasm?), has 'literally been to hell and back' and can now sense demons here on Earth and battles with the likes of a crooked and corrupt Gabriel and several gateway demons who play roles neither for heaven nor hell. It seemed a pretty neat concept, and I can't help but analyze it and try to deduce from where its influence came from. Is Keanu essentially Dante and Virgil? With a bit of Ghostbuster mixed in? What a concept! I bet that's exactly how it was pitched to the movie executives too...

Anyway, it did seem to have a lot of the aspects I look for in great movies including action, history, facts, and twists and turns, but it seemed pretty unbelievable and far-fetched. The primary qualm I had with the film was that it featured the archangel Gabriel as a crooked, corruptible and heavily secretive being that made Constantine look benevolent and was eventually chastised by God and sent back to Earth to live as a mortal and fight his way back to heaven through good deeds...yeah, that's incredibly believable! I rest my case.

While I have been away Bea Arthur died, which is tragic considering I know they wanted her to come back for another Comedy Central Roast as she was hilarious as the last one and it seemed she could have a burgeoning late career as a comedy pip on the Roasts and other events. She did, after all, have a storied career and extremely devoted following through The Golden Girls and her many other endeavors. We'll miss her.

And while I have been away the Swine Flu has also emerged and has claimed many lives in Mexico and is beginning to spread around the world. As I write this, the US has declared a State of Emergency as have other governments around the world, yet this outbreak seems to be small on the scale of the past influenza outbreaks and I doubt it will become the killer predicted for so long. I doubt that The Swine Flu will be the one to kill millions of people and eradicate species, and decimate entire villages and towns and plunge the world into a mini-Dark Age. I think we have to wait until 2012 for that one.

More to come on my MIA time, my interview(s!), and my delves into entertaining first graders as opposed to teaching middle/high schoolers.

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