Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Importance of Being Punctual

Timeliness is crucial in life, this is also true in writing. However, someone apparently forgot to send me that memo. I mistakenly believed my submission for the current submission period in the MFA program to be due today, but turns out it was due several days ago. YEEEK! I just sent the submission out moments ago, it has essentially been done for a few days--it just needed some proofreading and rewording in a few parts to be complete. It was a good submission overall, though it was a bit less polished and less creative than I would have liked. I suppose it does display some of my progress as writer though, so I can't complain about that.

In other news, it's currently snowing in Attleboro. And..whoa, wait..snow? Yes. From yesterday's high of 65 in town, it's not 41 and snowing. This reminds me of Twain's essay on New England's weather. If it's a beautiful, warm day in early spring don't make plans for a picnic. Just as quickly as you can unravel a blanket a blizzard will bury your picnic basket.

The birds look confused outside my window. They seem to be looking at the sky and saying, "are you serious right now?"

I will be updating the blog soon to include a lot of the older posts that I still haven't recopied from the former blog (that has now been deleted...thank you very much, blogspot), including the Disney World pictures and summaries, Obama's inauguration, and countless other interesting facets of my life.

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