Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oops x 29,000

It seems the University of California San Diego needs a crash course on how to send out mass e-mails. Apparently, whoever was in charge of notifying new students of their admission to the university accidentally sent out an e-mail to all the applicants who applied for the undergraduate programs, informing them they had each been accepted. Yikes!

That's a terrible thing to do to a hopeful applicant, and an awful thing to have made a blunder on, and, perhaps a much more difficult thing to try to rescind afterward.

Several hours later, the mistake was realized and notices were sent out to 'true' accepted students; and those who mistakenly had high hopes and a bright future ahead of them at UC San Diego received the bad news, along with a profuse apology for the blunder and an invitation to apply again next year...

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