Saturday, April 11, 2009

Out to dinner....

Dinner was exciting tonight. Went to a sassy restaurant named Primavera, and what a fitting time of year to visit it. And while we pestered S. to speak to us in Italian, we chowed on some delicious dishes. I of course opted for some pizza, which wasn't bad, but wasn't as thick and greasy as I am accustomed to eating. Boy, do I miss Mama's Pizzeria--where the pizza is more than an inch thick, the pepperoni is layered thicker than the cheese, and the grease stays on your hands long after you run out of napkins. It may sound disgusting to some, but it's delicious.

K is sick and sleeping in bed right now, as I attempt some writing and reading (and a bit of TV) before bed in the other room. And now, obviously, blogging.

Happy Easter everyone...let's see is the Easter Bunny brings me something. Know how the Easter Bunny came to be? Originally Easter was celebrated as the return of spring (coinciding closely with the solstice) by pagan cultures, and their deity which represented this return of spring was named Eostre. (See where this all originated?) The symbol for Eostre is a rabbit or hare (and through the original translation, "Eostre Hawe" means Easter hare, not rabbit), and Eostre used to pass out eggs in order to repopulate. The coloring is another story altogether.(Rabbits are also traditionally symbols of fertility and rebirth, of course). So enjoy your Reese's bunnies and your jelly beans. And if you get one of those giant chocolate rabbits, just remember that more cavities are estimated to be caused by chocolate rabbits consumed on Easter than by any other food at any other time during the year. Enjoy your daily dose of facts.

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