Wednesday, April 29, 2009


W.S. Merwin wins the 2009 Pulitzer for Poetry for his collection, "The Shadow of Sirius." Who would have thought he'd get the Pulitzer this year?

This guy. (Points to self.)

I have predicated him to win it for a while now, and I had him along with a few others pegged for this year's or next year's. Often now, it seems the Pulitzer is more of a charity award given to a specific poet's book, but reflecting more of their overall accomplishments over the years than from a single book. Take Robert Hass for example. In no way was "Time and Materials" his best book so far, but it does show a lot of what makes his work awesome. Yet, Natasha Trethewey's "Native Guard" was amazing book, while only her third book overall. She breaks the 'charity' mold.

Did I just jinx myself from ever receiving a Pulitzer? Like I would anyway...

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